Optimal planning and control of routes tailored to your business


Reduction of Operating Costs


Capacity increase to serve new customers with the same fleet


Improvement in customer service. Orders are fulfilled in a timely manner


Reduction of planning time


Logistics solutions for all areas. Get to know some of the industries with which we work




Field Services

Parcel Service

Emergency Services

How it works

Loading data

Import orders and vehicles data from the management system.

Planning and optimization

Generate optimal routes.

Sending routes

Communicate the routes to the drivers.

Real-time control

Control the operation step by step and make dynamic adjustments in real time.

Planning and Control

  • Plan your routes automatically.
  • Visualize and control routes in real time.
  • Edit your routes manually and perform simulations for strategic decisions.

Support your workforce in the street and receive feedback in real time.

  • Provide information about the schedule and the time planned for each order.
  • Allow drivers to visualize the suggested route.
  • Receive real time confirmation of the assigned task once completed.
  • Know vehicle location anytime.

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